4 Injured In Pit Bull Attack

Victim Said Dog Was Protecting Its Home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An Arlington woman said a pit bull dog attacked a person and injured three others in the front yard of the dog's home early Sunday morning.

A woman who said her name was Tammy described how the dog attacked a person in front of a home in the 8700 block of Cocoa Avenue in Woodland Acres.

"There was lights off in the house so the dog could not see who it was. He was just thinking there was an intruder in his property," Tammy said. "He lunged at the door and pushed the door open, and when he did, he grabbed a hold of the young man's arm."

Tammy said she saw the attack and tried to pull the pit bull off the man. That's when the dog turned on her and she screamed for help.

"I heard the girl screaming in there, so I went in there to help her," said Robert Smith. "And me and my buddy got attacked by the damn dog. And that was it. These are the results."

Tammy and Smith said a man named Ron saved their lives by getting in between them and the dog.

"He told me to get out. So I got out and he was in there fighting with it still," Smith said.

"I grab a butcher knife and threw it on the floor and told him as I ran out the door, 'Just kill the dog, just kill the dog,' " Tammy said.

They said Ron stabbed the dog to try to get it off of him. Others in the neighborhood sad the dog is still in its home. The owners would not comment.

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