A Notable Election

WJXT Editorial by Vice President/General Manager Bob Ellis

When you talk to people about what they want from government a word that often comes up in conversation is transparency. No matter the party affiliation, people want to know and trust what is happening in the offices of our elected officials.

As our mayor?s race was tightening by the minute Tuesday night, the Jacksonville Supervisor of Elections understood this better than most. Jerry Holland was charged with the task of making sure the closest Mayoral election in history was fair and correct. When we had questions about what was happening with the numbers, he was there. From early morning to late at night he clarified the law and kept the people of our city informed. The day after the polls were closed, and as provisional ballots were being counted, he brought all of us into the process allowing reporters and live TV cameras in the room where the votes were being tallied the entire day.

Why is this important? Despite the narrow margin of victory for Alvin Brown there was no controversy over the final results. No one challenged the numbers. No one doubted the integrity of the process.

If there was ever an election where every vote counted, this was it. WJXT salutes Jerry Holland. We suggest other government leaders take a look at how open and accessible Holland runs his operation. In the end, we?d all benefit.

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