Angel Food Ministries Shut Down

National Charity Helped Get Cheap Food

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Charlotte Kolb was stunned when she received an email from Angel Food Ministries.

The national charity that offers reduced groceries to people who are struggling financially is shutting down this month. It was news Kolb was disappointed to hear.

"Everything happened just like it was supposed to," Kolb said. "Then in September, due to the economy there would be no distribution, which was to occur this Saturday."

Kolb's church at the beach along with around a dozen other churches in the area work with the charity. Kolb said it's been a wonderful program that offers food cheaper than anyone could find at a store.

"They will not be coming this month and they're very sad," Kolb said. "I've heard from people I've gotten to know. They're very unhappy."

Angel Food Ministries is citing the economy as the reason it's had to stop service. Kolb said a lot of the families who rely on the service will now need to find another way to get discounted food.

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