Breezy, mild evening with increasing rain by the weekend

Jacksonville's weather forecast could be soggy and windy over the weekend

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Today was breezy, with northeasterly winds between 12-17mph which kept our afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s. We saw a few brief downpours seep onshore with the winds and track inland. 

Tonight expect partly cloudy skies and onshore winds around 10 mph. Overnight temperatures will be held in the upper 70s along the coastline thanks to the breeze, inland lows will get down into the mid to low 70s. 

Friday will be partly cloudy, not as hot, and windy. Expect temperatures to climb into the mid to upper 80s and winds to bring a few coastal showers onshore. Expect northeasterly winds around 15-20 mph. The onshore winds will cause higher than normal high tides. 

The weekend rainfall chances depend heavily on what happens with the system in the tropics that is expected to develop, there are two scenarios based on the differing forecast models.

Scenario One: The system remains weak and tracks across the state to the South of us
If this happens we will get waves of rainfall pushing across our entire area Saturday and Sunday. Most rainfall totals will be between 1-2" and some hotspots could get up to 4". Onshore winds would be around 20mph and cause higher than normal high tides.

Scenario Two: The system intensifies into a hurricane and passes by us offshore as it tracks north, then northeast
If this scenario occurs it dries our forecast out, except right along the coast. We would be breezy along the beaches and we may see some coastal erosion and higher than normal high tides. Rainfall totals would be around an inch at the heaviest, at the beach. 

It is too soon to tell what will happen with the system in the tropics, and any changes with it's forecast could greatly change what we expect over the weekend.  We will keep you updated. 

Hourly Forecast:
5 pm 86 - 20%
8 pm 83 - 20%
10 pm 81 - 20%

Sunrise: 7:09 am
Sunset:  7:36 pm

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