Sunny day turns to a cool evening

The perfect weather pattern will soon be blemished by heat

By Mark Collins - Meteorologist

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - More "10's" on the Gaughan Gauge heading our way the next few days. After that? The powerful summer sun will start to take over. Once it does, the heat builds and builds fast.

In the wake of the wild stormy days, Sunday saw severe storms north of Jacksonville and Monday saw heavy rains south of Jacksonville. We have enjoyed beautiful dry conditions. Sunshine was great throughout much of Tuesday, until late in the day when high clouds moved in from the south.

Those high clouds are unfortunately robbing what could have been a very cool morning for just about everyone. Instead, only in Georgia are we see comfortably cool morning lows in the 50s. Downtown to area beaches and southward are seeing cool but, not super cool morning low temperatures. Remember the lowest of temperatures take place just after sunrise (6:33 a.m.)

Expected morning lows (Wednesday)

Wednesday, despite some morning hazy sunshine, will enjoy gorgeous weather throughout the day. Afternoon highs will be tempered by cool onshore breezes during the afternoon and evening hours. Highs will be right around 82-85°. Winds will be northeasterly 7-12 mph.

Another coolish Thursday and again Friday morning, but thereafter? A slow build in morning heat and later in the afternoon temperatures.

Big time heat builds later NEXT WEEK as afternoon temperatures will be well into the 90s. 

Want the good news?

It will be a "dry heat."

Classic May weather. We often see brief excessive heat streaks, especially later in the month.

I would water the dry patches of your yard over the next few days.

10-Day Forecast, don't look now, but here comes summer-time heat (next week.)



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