Ashley Gilhousen

Candidate for Clay County School Board District 5

Age: 29

Family: Husband, Adam and three children

Occupation: Registered Nurse
Education: A.A. University of Florida; B.S.N. University of North Florida;
R.N. State of Florida
Political Experience: My political experience includes grassroots efforts for specific issues as well as various candidates.
What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

Primarily, we have some real challenges to tackle in regard to the budget. It is vital that we bring our fund balance back up to the state's required level of 3%. It is crucial that we achieve this goal in order to maintain local control over our school district, which is the second issue that I believe to be of utmost importance. We must regain local control of curriculum decision making. It is vital that we offer choices to the families and students of our district and work toward an individual-centered curriculum and set of standards. There is no one-size-fits-all in education. The third issue of importance is for us to redirect the focus of our school board back to investing in our students and our teachers. Children are left behind when teachers are left behind. I want to see us as a school board work together to offer more opportunities for our teachers in regard to professional development and curriculum mapping not only on the county level, but at the individual school level as well. Our focus for too long has been on test scores instead of on children and their education. The testing has become so burdensome that many teachers I have spoken to feel they must teach to a test and prioritize methodology in such a way that it stifles the art of teaching and the freedom of learning.  
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