Atlantic Beach Commission meets about dangerous dogs

Police chief says dogs are dangerous, unsafe for community

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - After hours of testimony and high emotions during the Atlantic Beach City Commission meeting Monday night, the city decided one family's dogs are a nuisance to the community. People involved in this controversy are divided between neighborhood safety, and the safety of pets.

Neighbors said, and the city agreed, that Suzanna Leviseur's three pit bulls have accumulated 16 different complaints since May and something needs to be done.

"They are loud, and menacing, and scary, upset me and upset the dogs," said Carol Mirando.

Leviseur asked for the hearing to appeal the citations against her dogs, and claims to be completely taken aback by the accusations.

Carol Mirando is an attorney for the City of Jacksonville and represents Animal Care and Protective services. Mirando said she loves animals, but this is an entirely different matter.

"This is about owners who aren't able to control or properly train their dogs," said Mirando duirng the meeting.

Atlantic Beach Police Chief Michael Classey said all three dogs have been declared dangerous and everyone who testified Monday night said just as much under oath.

"I am amazed. I had no idea I am such a terrible person," said Leviseur.

Leviseur and her daughter said the attacks and complaints are driven by personal problems plaguing the neighborhood. But personal or not, Chief Classey said that doesn't change the fact the dogs are a nuisance and need to be handled.

"There is just no excuse to have to own dogs that they have no responsibility, unsafe for the community," said Classey.

From this point on, Leviseur's dogs have to be secured and confined to her property. If they get loose, the dogs will be impounded. The city manager has been appointed to ensure the dogs are impounded immediately if they get loose.

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