Bethany Masters Brunny

Candidate for Putnam County School Board District 2

Age: 29

Family: Parents: Quincy and Frankie Masters; Husband: Jarrett Brunny; Two children

Occupation: Nonprofit executive director 
Education: Master of Public Health from University of South Florida; B.S. in Family, Youth, and Community Science with minors in Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations and Education from University of Florida
Political Experience: This is my first time running for public office.
What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

The top three issues facing the Putnam County School Board and my campaign are as follows:

  1. Decreasing drop out rates by engaging students that are at high risk. This means retaining students with behavioral problems in an appropriate educational setting consistent with school system needs as well as the harm reduction needs of other students. We cannot afford to lose vulnerable children to gangs, nor to lose them to a school-to-prison pipeline. In the current system, there are no winners. We will not give up on any student.
  2. Eliminate financial waste on a line by line basis. Every dollar must be seen as an investment in the children of Putnam County and must work towards a goal for the community as a whole. By leveraging technology and finding supportive partnerships, we can improve the school system creatively with the funding streams that we have available.
  3. Creating programs that acknowledge and provide for the special needs of students with disabilities. The current model in Putnam County is simply not inclusive enough nor sufficient to help create an environment that is supportive to all students. Several families have shared personal stories with me with the message that the most appropriate services for their children were found out of the county. We have a mandate to provide an educational setting consistent with each child's specific needs, and that is what we will do. We will work together to help each other succeed.

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