Calls mount to label Hurricane Michael a Category 5 storm

Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - Some officials in one Florida Panhandle county are pushing for Hurricane Michael to be labeled a Category 5 storm.

The News-Herald reports that some in Bay County - which was hit hard by the fierce October storm - want the Cat. 5 label both as leverage to try and win a higher reimbursement from FEMA, but also as validation and a badge of honor for a region feeling increasingly forgotten by the rest of the country.

According to the conventional Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, the standard used by the National Hurricane Center based on sustained wind speeds, Hurricane Michael was a strong Category 4 with its measured 155 mph sustained winds upon landfall - 2 mph under Cat. 5 status.

“You can’t fix something if you’re not willing to call it what it is,” said Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson. “This was a Category 5 storm. It’s time for the government to label it what it was.” ( Quote from Panama City News Herald

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