Candidates for Georgia school superintendent

Incumbent Georgia School Superintendent is running for governor, and nine Republicans and six Democrats are in the running for the open position.  The winners of the party primaries will face each other on the General Election ballot in November.


  • Mary Kay Bacallao - college professor and Fayette County School Board candidate 2010 and 2012
  • Ashley Bell -  Former Hall County Commissioner, former charter school system chairman
  • Mike Buck - Chief of staff to Superintendent John Barge
  • Sharyl Dawes - Businesswoman  and former teacher
  • Allen Bowles Fort
  • Nancy Jester  - Former DeKalb County School Board member, actuarial consultant
  • Fitz Johnson  - Defense contractor, retired Army officer and community activist
  • Kira Willis - Teacher and 2010 Libertarian nominee for school superintendent
  • Richard Woods - Retired school administrator, former teacher and 2010 candidate