Chris Oliver

Republican canidate for Florida House of Representative District 16

Age: 33
Family: Kirsten Oliver (spouse)
Occupation: Two tour combat veteran, information systems specialist, and Guardian ad Litem.  
Education: Florida Coastal School of Law (2012-2014) candidate for Juris Doctor:
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Masters degree in Management (2014 candidate); University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science, Communications
Political Experience: It is my goal to represent the citizens of Jacksonville as a statesman, not a politician.  
What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

  1. Build stronger communities.

    Chris believes that a strong community begins with a firm foundation. That foundation centers around education, support for veterans, and working together to accomplish great things. Together, there isn't anything we can't do.

    Chris is an avid supporter of strengthening families and improving standards of education for our children. While there have been great strides made to improve our education system, Chris will work with the Florida Department of Education and the Duval County School Board to strengthen our schools. A great education provides opportunity, builds self-worth, and reduces the likelihood of crime.

    Chris also recognizes the need to take better care of our local heroes, the veterans. As a 14 year veteran serving both active duty and reserves, Chris has been through the system, experienced the hardships most servicemen and women face in obtaining benefits, due to complicated government procedures and red tape. Veterans strengthen our communities with their integrity, dedication, and honor. Service groups like the DAV, VFW, 5 Star Veterans Center, and American Legion do a great job of helping those that have scarified so much for their country and families, but they struggle with workload. Chris will work with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure we take even better care of our heroes.

    Chris also believes in the power of unification and working as a team. Too much time, effort, and money is spent on tearing each other down, which stops us from achieving goals and frustrates any strides legislators might make. It's less important which political party we ascribe to than what results we an actually accomplish. Chris will work with lawmakers to ensure that all Floridians and those in our District will be heard and he will work diligently towards implementing our mutual goals. His common-sense leadership style makes this possible.

  2. Accelerate economic growth.

    Small businesses are our country's economic and employment backbone. Almost ninety percent of employees across the United States are employed by companies with less than 20 employees. Small businesses are big business, small companies account for almost fifty percent of our nations gross domestic product (GDP). Sadly, a vast number of these businesses do not survive the first five years.

    Florida should be the premier destination for entrepreneurs. Florida is ranked fifth in the nation according to the SBE but we can make it number one.

    Chris wants to streamline how businesses interact with the local, state, and federal government. Too much time and money are spent by entrepreneurs just to keep the government off the backs of their businesses. This time and money is better spent on actually growing the company and getting people back to work. The faster we grow our small businesses the faster our economy will grow.

  3. Simplify and reduce taxes

    Taxes are the lifeblood of a thriving government, allowing it to provide roads, schools, and public safety through police, EMTs, and firefighters, and more. However, government tax structures have grown complex, tedious, and confusing for individuals and business owners, particularly in our current economic environment. Chris knows that an upturn is coming; our economy will grow and our livelihoods will be restored. Part of that process is achieved through lowering taxes and simplifying procedures, which allow taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets. Chris will work tirelessly to simplify our tax code, reduce taxes, and provide adequate funding for our government without overburdening its people. A thriving economy means a thriving government, with lower tax rates.       

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