Christopher Hoffman's attorney's statement on him attending wedding

"Following a hearing on the Defendant's Motion for Temporary Modification of Bond, Mr. Christopher Hoffman was granted permission by the Court to attend and participate in a local wedding. As a result of the Court's ruling there was a small protest outside of the wedding. Though we as the defense by no means wish to discount the feelings and pain of Mr. Ford's family it is important that the public not rush to conclusions based upon emotion in this case regarding the issue of guilt or innocence.

"As Americans we are afforded the greatest criminal justice system in the world. It may not be a perfect system but it is arguably the best. The presumption of innocence is one if not the most important aspect of our justice system and in order for justice to be truly served our Federal and State Constitutions require due process of law before passing judgment. This case should be no different.

"Mr. Hoffman maintains his innocence and is an innocent man until such time as the State of Florida through the State Attorney's office proves his guilt beyond and to the exclusion of reasonable doubt. Until that time the law requires that a bond be set to ensure the safety of the community and to secure the defendant's attendance at trial. The Court ultimately ruled that those concerns have been and continue to be adequately met under the current bond conditions.

"Mr. Hoffman has been under constant GPS surveillance following his release from custody the morning after his arrest and at all times has strictly adhered to those conditions set by the Court. Mr. Hoffman looks forward to his day in Court and we respectfully ask the public to reserve judgment until that time."