Colorado man survives being dragged by train

WARNING: Some viewers may find this video disturbing


DENVER - A Colorado man is lucky to be alive after he fell and was pulled under a light rail train.

Surveillance cameras caught the whole incident on video. A warning; some viewers may find this video disturbing. 

The video shows the man exit the train and struggle to free his bike from the doors. As the train begins to move, he falls and becomes trapped between the car and the platform. 

"It caught him and dragged him about 35 feet. And he didn't get out until he got knocked loose when he hit the wheelchair ramp."

The man's attorney says he suffered rib and spine fractures and a broken arm.

A Regional Transportation District spokersperson says the operator did not see the man.

"It was difficult for the train operator to see that. That's a bad line of sight. The train operator could have used mirrors a bit more effectively."

No lawsuit has been filed, but the man is seeking a settlement from rtd for his medical bills. 

"We're sure that the driver involved didn't intend or this to happen and we understand that but it's all about how we can learn from this situation and avoid it in the future."

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