Dalton Agency cleans up after vandalism

As city of Jacksonville works to revitalize downtown, challenges continue

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Behind boarded up windows is shattered glass, which is all that is left of the front window display of the Dalton Agency building downtown.

"This is the unfortunate thing of having a business that is in a public setting. Fortunately, the individual -- there were witnesses and the police quickly responded," said Dalton Agency's Dave Josserand.

Sunday morning, police said, 28-year-old Michael Thompson (pictured, below) threw two large rocks straight through the front windows of the building facing Hemming Plaza.

"You know, we've had offices around town in different places and we've had just as many problems, albeit not many, in other places, and we've had here -- and frankly for the last three years that we've been downtown -- we've had very few incidences," said Josserand.

Josserand said the rock throwing suspect didn't try to steal anything from the building but thinks the act is unfortunate.

"I think this is an unfortunate example of just blatant vandalism, but I think this could've happened anywhere else in the city as well," said Josserand.

According to a police report, Thompson was seen "shouting at no one" and was upset at "voices." According to the report, he told police he shattered the windows because "people were asking me why I spent my money." He also said "someone I couldn't see told me to go to the library. They keep provoking me because they don't understand what's going on."

Although it's caused a headache, the Dalton Agency plans to move forward and replace the broken windows and said it's thankful no one was hurt.

Channel 4 reached out to the city about the recent vandalism downtown. No one from the city was available to comment on the incident Monday night.

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