Defend your home this fall

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Homeowners go to great lengths to protect their homes. Pesticides and traps deter unwanted pests like ants, termites, rodents, and locks and alarms keep out criminals. But they cannot hold back the quietest, yet most damaging intruder of all: rainwater.

Florida is no stranger to downpours that fall in great sheets, crashing onto roofs and pouring off the sides of houses like waterfalls. Their drops can find even the smallest cracks in the fascia and penetrate a home's defenses with devastating results.

The first line of defense is a quality gutter system, properly installed and protected, to sweep the deluge away from the home's walls and foundation.

"High-quality gutter systems protect against water damage and help keep the home and foundation dry, which helps control pests, as well," said Kevin Booth, home-improvement expert and owner of Gutter Helmet, the local leader in the field of gutter and gutter protection manufacturing and installation. "It's the best defense against water damage."

A quality gutter system can virtually eliminate exterior water damage, mold, mildew and staining.

Source: Wallace C. Kamens, General Manager of Gutter Helmet