Easing tension at the pump during state emergencies

By Ashley Harding - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Florida lawmakers are now looking at ways to ease some of the tension at the pump during a declared state of emergency.

Remember how stressful it was just to stock up on gas leading up to Hurricane Irma? Lines were long and several gas stations ran out of fuel.  
All kinds of changes are being considered with how the state handles hurricanes. However, one change that you would notice right away is lower gas prices.

Florida lawmakers believe once the lower, cheaper grade gas runs out, the price for premium would drop to the same price as regular fuel during a declared state of emergency.

Many say fixing the problem is worth looking into.

"It was really crazy because they were actually remodeling this gas station, so there were already only a few tanks open. So it was crazy just trying to get gas,” said Sarah Martyn who lives in St. Johns County.

Chances are, at some point, you got caught up in the mess leading up to Hurricane’s Matthew and Irma with people driving around looking for a place just to fill up.
Another idea is to give transportation companies an incentive to move the gas faster and to fit tankers with a GPS device. This way they could tracked by emergency management officials. 

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