Energy Drinks Banned For Baseball Players?

Many Teams Aren't Allowing Players To Consume Energy Drinks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many people need that early morning caffeine fix to get their morning going.

But that luxury is now being weeded out of the world of baseball.

Several teams have started restricting the use of energy drinks. And many players say the teams are going too far.

Some say that steroids and amphetamines being out of the question in baseball is understandable. But energy drinks?

Popular drinks like Red Bull and Monster fall into that category, and even though you can drink them in the stands, baseball teams don't want the players drinking them.

Several teams have already stopped keeping drinks in their clubhouse. Other teams refuse to let players even bring their own.

The Diamondbacks, the Brewers and the Astros all have some form of restrictions against the drinks.

Teams can't ban the beverages completely though, because they are not prohibited in the collective bargaining agreement.

In the meantime, many ball players are upset because they say it gives them the energy and the edge they need.

A Spokesman for the players union says it plans to look into it.

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