Erica Mains Reddish

Candidate for Bradford County School Board District 5

Age: 33

Family: I have been married for 14 years to my husband Eric Reddish and have a 14 year old son, an 8 year old daughter, and a 5 year old daughter

Occupation: I am a MRI Technologist at Shands Starke Regional Medical Center

Education: I graduated from Bradford High School with honors and completed my AS degree in health science through the Radiology program at Santa Fe College graduating with honors from this program as well as achieving presidency of the program.

Political Experience: Active voter

What do you see as the top three issues in this race?

My goals in obtaining this position are first and foremost to improve parent/teacher and school system/ parent communication to improve students grades and therefore bring our testing scores up throughout the county where each school can be an A school! Being a mother of three children in the school system, I've seen first hand how lack of communication hurts a child's grades and progress, but I've also experienced the benefit of excellent communication and how it allows my child to excell and accomplish tremendous results in their education! Secondly, I want to be the listening ear and active presence in the community for parents who are having issues and feel as if there is no solution. I want to make it possible for the tax payers of Bradford county to be able to send their students to our local public schools instead of paying private school tuition or having to commute to other neighboring counties to get their child the education that they feel their child deserves! I'm not against private schools in any way, but I do not want the parents of our students  to feel as if they have no other alternative when it comes to a quality education! And thirdly, I want to be a new voice in the community! Our children deserve safe, bully free, drug free, threat free schools in which to obtain an excellent education!  I am a mother of three children who have been enrolled in the Bradford school system since kindergarten and I, like any other parent push them to strive for the best education possible! So with the voters help, I will push and fight for all the children in Bradford county to receive the most excellent education possible! Being born and raised in Bradford county and attending the public schools, I know an excellent education is possible because my husband I both received the educational foundation that prepared us for our adulthood and future education. I am a Christian woman who wants to use my Christian values to work for you and your student!  
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