Family upset over teacher's past

Christopher Bacca charged

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Since Christopher Bacca was charged by police and fired by the school district, the media has heard little to nothing from any representative of the boy police say the former elementary school teacher sexually battered multiple times. 

Monday evening, the lawyer for the young victim's family spoke about the case.

"They feel like anybody would feel," said A. Wellington Barlow.  "That's some information I should have had, should have known so I could have been more vigilant in protecting my child."

Barlow was hired by the family of the victim and now the law firm is going public because they want to get an important message to parents.

"You need to be asking specific questions to the school board about their teachers and their counselors. You need to ask specific questions. Any allegations about their six or seven teachers. That's what this whole press conference is about," said Barlow. 

The victim's family was outraged, said Barlow, after learning that there were allegations against Bacca of inappropriate interactions with a child at another Jacksonville elementary school. Since no criminal charges were filed during the first investigation, Bacca wasn't fired.

The school district is investigating how Bacca wound up in another elementary school within months of the initial investigation.

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