100,000 bees found in South Florida home

Hives removed, bees expected to follow

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A South Florida home was buzzing with activity. Wildlife handlers found more than 100,000 bees living in the walls of a home in Fort Lauderdale.

The homeowner, Donna Reynolds, said the problem first started about 8 years ago when she noticed the bees buzzing around cracks in walls. Reynolds said she has tried to get rid of the bees by dumping foam and insect killer where they live. And while it seems to help, the bees keep coming back.

Reynolds said she is sick of her new roommates.

"It's a little overwhelming. They have got to go," sighed Reynolds. "i don't know if it's two hives, if it's one, if the queen, the duchess, everybody showed up." 

Reynolds said the honey bees are not harmless, they have begun attacking family members.

"There were about like 10 or 20 all inside the house, flying around stinging us."

That's when Reynolds said it was time to call Willie "the Bee Man" Sklaroff, a bee removal specialist.

"Our plan of attack is to drill a hole into the wall to find out exactly where they are, open up the wall, exterminate the bees and take out the bee hive," said Sklaroff.

The only way to get rid of a bee problem of this size is to have the specialists come to your house and have them tear down the walls. According to Sklaroff, the darker honey combs found at the Reynolds' home could be eight to ten years old, while the lighter ones, which are more traditional looking, could be two or three years old.

Now that the honeycombs are gone the bees won't be far behind. She said this small jar of honey is the only reminder Reynolds needs.

"They got to go, they got to go. I can't take them any more just hovering around. You can't even open your window," said Reynolds. 

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