Pain at the pump: Gas prices jump 12 cents in Florida

Gas prices could reach its highest since 2014, experts say

The Super Bowl will be a big test of whether spending is back and gas prices are expected to increase within the next month or so. Jane King joins us to give the Money Matters Report.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Expect to pay more at the pump as gas prices spike across the state.

It increased an average of 12 cents per gallon. Floridians are now paying an average of $3.35, one cent less than last year’s high of $3.36 per gallon. And in Duval County, it’s $3.33 a gallon.

Experts say rising oil prices are to blame for the pain at the pump. So far this year, AAA says the U.S. price for crude oil surged 15% to $87.35 per barrel.

“The effects of rising oil prices are now beginning to be felt at the pump,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA - The Auto Club Group. “Crude oil prices have risen early and often in 2022. The price of crude has already surpassed last year’s highs, driven by ongoing concerns that global oil supplies will struggle to keep up with soaring demand in 2022.”

Unfortunately for drivers -- it doesn’t seem like these prices will be falling anytime soon. Officials with AAA say gas prices may only get more expensive as demand increases ahead of spring break and summer travel.

Experts say drivers who want to save on gasoline should combine errands to limit driving time, remove excess weight from their vehicles and avoid aggressive driving because speeding reduces fuel economy.

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Pain at the pump: Gas prices jump 12 cents in Florida