Signed Peyton Manning football among items stolen during rager at $8M Florida home

Florida teens break into home, throw party, post evidence on Snapchat

The owners said the home is currently up for sale — and that they plan on “pressing every civil and criminal charge possible against everyone involved in the burglary of their home.”

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. – A signed Peyton Manning football, a $1,500 dollar bottle of wine and expensive handbags were among the items stolen from an $8 million Seaside home Saturday night after Florida teens broke in and threw a wild party over the weekend, according to The Post.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office broke up the illegal party after they received a noise complaint from security in the area of South Walton, which is about 30 miles from Panama City Beach. They were called to Blackwater Street in Watercolor, a beachside community that features “luxurious resorts,” according to its website.

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The owner, who did not want to be named, of the ransacked home said these teenagers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The owner said she believes the home was targeted because it is currently up for sale -- and there was a for sale sign out front. She said she lives with her husband and two small kids, and they were out of town when she got a call from the police asking if she knew about the party inside her home.

“I was just shocked,” she recalled to The Post of her initial reaction. “It was a feeling of disgust that these kids would do that. We’ve lived in the community for six years, we raised kids here.”

The owner told WJHG they plan on “pressing every civil and criminal charge possible against everyone involved in the burglary of their home.”

She said the community is outraged and helped clean up the mess before they arrived back home. They had collected ten bags of trash in the process, The Post reported.

She said the footage of the rager the teens bravely posted on social media made her stomach turn. (Watch evidence below)

A sheriff’s office in Florida is searching for the young adults who broke into an $8 million Seaside home, threw a party — vandalizing the property in the process — and posted video evidence on social media.

The sheriff’s office is still searching for the young adults that vandalized the property and posted video evidence on social media. They are asking for the teens to “come clean” and turn themselves in.

“An open house party is against the law,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “An open house party in a home you break into is a burglary.”

When law enforcement arrived, partygoers left the scene, deputies said. They said evidence from the party was easy to find — since those that broke in posted their own evidence on social media.

“...Videos are circulating on Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms with some of the highlights. Including where some of the people attending turn the foyer of the $8 million home into a boxing ring.”

Videos and photos showed young adults smoking in what appeared to be a theatre room, drinking, boxing and play fighting. One photo showed a male wearing a handful of gold rings he found in the home.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office PIO Corey Dobridnia told WJHG that apart from the damage caused and the items stolen, it’s a complete violation of someone’s home that you can’t put a price on.

“It’s not even so much about the items at this point, about what was stolen, or what was destroyed, it’s about people going into your closet and trying on your clothes, and people being in your bathroom, in your bed, all of that,” Dobridnia told the Florida station.

The sheriff’s office said they know someone made a flyer for the party and passed it around. Now they want to find the person who made that flyer.

If you have information regarding this incident, please contact the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 892-8111 or you can remain anonymous by calling Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers at (850) 863-TIPS.

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