3 Broward County men changing tire on I-95 killed

Investigators: Car veered out of control and hit men

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - The families of the three Broward men who died Friday while trying to change a flat tire along I-95 are mourning their lost loved ones.

Investigators said Andrew Hickey, Robert McHenry, Christopher Andrews were in the Northbound emergency lane when a car veered out of control and hit them.

Two of their friends, Ernest Woods and Thelonius McCarthy, survived the accident.

The group of Broward roofing workers were traveling to a Deerfield Beach job when they stopped to replace a flat tire.

Woods, or Jimbo as his friends and family call him, is Andrews' father-in law.

Woods is the only survivor without any serious injuries. He told WPLG-TV that he feels blessed, but can't sleep at night because the accident replays in his mind.

Terry Boyd, Andrews' mother, said that her son's wife is expecting a baby boy next month, when he was to turn 26.

Boyd, who is bedridden by advanced rheumatoid arthritis, said Andrews worked to help her.

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating why the driver, Cheryl Lee Daugherty, 42, drove across three lanes of traffic and into the group.

FHP has not yet filed charges against Daugherty and is awaiting toxicology reports.

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