3 Disney cast members beaten by alleged drunken guest, officials say

Austin De Van Hill, 24, taken into custody

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Three Disney cast members were beaten Saturday night by an alleged drunken guest, officials said.

Before officers arrived, the call was upgraded because the suspect, Austin De Van Hill, 24, was reported to have struck one of the cast members with a metal pipe.

When an Orange County deputy arrived, Hill was already secured by another off-uty deputy in a seated position and was bleeding from the knees, wrists and hands, and the suspect was yelling, continuing to cause disturbance in the park.

According to reports, Hill was escorted by the two deputies as he continued yelling incoherent statements and appeared to be intoxicated, then began resisting attempts to escort him to the security office.

At that time, Hill got out of the deputies' hold, fell and began bleeding after injuring his chin and jaw.

According to the report, Hill was transported to Celebration Hospital where he received stitches in his chin.

Michael Connelly, the first victim, was punched in the head area causing a large gash across his forehead.

Timothy Beltley, Hill's second victim, was punched in the face.

The third victim, Jessica Brown, was struck in the left cheek and neck with a plastic PVC pipe causing swelling behind her ear.

Brown was treated on scene while Beltley and Connelly were transported to Celebration Hospital.

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