81-year-old shoots man who tried to rob him

Marion County deputies say Lonnie Hollingsworth Jr. critical after shooting

OCALA, Fla. - An 81-year-old man shot a 28-year-old who he said followed him in his truck for 20 minutes before trying to rob him, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said James Stevens shot Lonnie L. Hollingsworth Jr. in Ocala on Sunday, leaving him in critical condition.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Stevens said Hollingsworth followed him and approached his truck after he parked.

Hollingsworth said, "Give me everything you got," and Stevens shot him one time in the stomach, according to deputies.

A neighbor who called 911 thought the shooting was fatal.

"The guy that lives across the street was parking his truck in the field and somebody tried to rob him and he shot and killed him," the caller said. "He's an old man."

The Sheriff's Office said deputies performed "life-saving techniques" on Hollingsworth until rescue personnel arrived.

Deputies referred to Hollingsworth as the suspect but did not specify what charges he may face. Stevens does not face any charges, deputies said.

An investigation is ongoing.

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