Shots fired near Baker County school

2 men arrested Wednesday on unrelated drug charges

MACCLENNY, Fla. - Baker County sheriff's deputies continue to investigate gunfire in the area of Joan Street and South Boulevard on Tuesday.

Sheriff Joey Dobson said that it took several hours to gather information about the shots fired due to limited cooperation from possible witnesses, but his deputies eventually learned the incident was the result of an ongoing feud between Antonio Lee, Leonard Lee and Phillip Givens.

The Sheriff's Office says all three men have arrest records.

Although this incident occurred near Keller Intermediate School, the actual shot appeared to be fired from a place not within eyesight of the school.

Within moments of receiving this complaint, Keller Intermediate School staff was notified and immediately took appropriate safety precautions to protect the children attending school at this location.

Several areas were searched immediately following the incident, in which none of those reportedly involved were located.

None of the men believed to be involved in the incident were located on Tuesday, but Givens was found and arrested Wednesday on unrelated drug charges.

The Sheriff's Office will continue to investigate the shooting incident and will file charges related to this incident if the evidence warrants.

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