Voter letter shows if neighbor have voted

Americans for Limited Government's letters anger some voters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Macclenny resident Eve Seal received a letter that says it's a voter audit and lists her name and those of her neighbors.

Next to them, it shows if they voted in 2004, 2005 and this year.

"It's bullying at its finest level, in my opinion. In one way or another, it's bullying," Seal said. "It upsets me because it is no one's business whether I voted or whether I did not. It's more of a case, it's my right to vote. It is not your business if I did or not. I don't want you coming to my front door and fuss at me because I did not vote in 2004."

The letter was sent by the group Americans for Limited Government. The return address is out of Fairfax, Va.

DOCUMENT:  Letter received by Eva Seal

It thanks Seal and others who received the letter for their dedication in voting in past presidential elections. The group said in the letter it wanted to present findings of past civic participation in the community.

It also says the group will conduct another audit after this election and send the results.

Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said he's received several complaints about the letters, but said there is nothing he can do.

"From a standpoint of knowing voting history, that is public information," Holland said. "Not how you voted, but that you voted."

That's quite different from other letters sent last week to Florida voters that claimed to be from the Supervisor of Elections Office and questioned the citizenship of some voters. Those letters were determined illegal, and an investigation is underway.

But in this case, because the letters do not say they're from the supervisor of elections and the information is not secret, they're legal. Still, for Seal, it's not right.

"It makes me angry on 30 different levels, and I can't exactly put my fingers on one of them," Seal said. "The only one I can put my finger on is, where does it stop?"

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