Deputies: 2 charged with threatening man with baseball bats went to wrong home

Edgui Serrano, Axl Reyes arrested

By Erik Avanier - Reporter

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Two people were arrested after showing up at a man's home and threatening him with baseball bats, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said a man answered his front door and was confronted by three people -- two of whom were wielding baseball bats in a threatening manner -- only to find out all three were at the wrong home, threatening the wrong person.

Edgui Serrano, 20, and Axl Reyes, 20, are charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony after investigators said the two men, along with a third unidentified person, arrived at the home threatening to assault someone named Jeremy. But no one by that name lived there.

A man who does live at the home told News4Jax the three men were there to collect $40. He said he told them no person by that name lives there, but they kept threatening him.

Although no one was injured, News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said this could have potentially ended in bloodshed.

"If this guy was armed and had some type of firearm, he may have been justified in using deadly force because he could have seen that as a threat," Smith said. "There’s three of them, they have baseball bats and they are approaching him in a very threatening manner, so they're very fortunate and the homeowner is also fortunate they didn't just come in and try to attack him also."

Smith said this scenario is similar to drive-by shootings, in which the wrong home is targeted.

"Sometimes they’ll go and look for someone, and the person may have lived there previously and may have a completely different family there now, and they come by and shoot up the house, and sometimes people are shot and killed, looking for someone who doesn't even live there," Smith said.

The homeowner was very upset by what happened, telling News4Jax that he did not want to go on camera. He said he only wants to protect his family.

There were other people in the home who also witnessed the incident.

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