Price tag for Debby reaches millions

Nearly 600 homes damaged by floodwaters

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Tropical Storm Debby left much damage behind as safety officials continue find debris.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Clay County officials are requesting an evaluation by the state and FEMA assessment teams for inclusion in Governor Rick Scott's request to President Barack Obama for a disaster declaration.

Clay County has completed its initial damage assessment efforts, and has reported to the Florida Division of Emergency Management that 579 residences were found to have been damaged by Tropical Storm Debby's floodwaters. Of that previous total, nearly 100 were judged to have received major damage or have been destroyed by the effects of the floodwaters.

While the majority of the flood's victims have found temporary housing with other family members or friends, County Emergency Management is working with the American Red Cross to house the remaining families.

Additionally, County and Emergency Management staffs have assessed that, it will incur over $4 million dollars of estimated infrastructure and debris removal costs in addressing the consequences of Tropical Storm Debby. Further, that number is expected to increase in the coming days.

"We have a lot of infrastructure that has been affected and we're trying to make sure that our citizens see us out there and trying to make it a little easier. A lot of the roadways, we're getting a lot of calls. We've got graters out on the dirt roads trying to make it as easy as possible," said Clay County Manager Stephanie Kopelousos.

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