Debate over controversial history textbook continues in Volusia

10th-grade 'World History' book favors Islam, opponents say

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DELAND, Fla. - Dozens of supporters and opponents of a controversial high school history textbook packed the Volusia County School Board meeting in DeLand Monday night.

The meeting came after protestors rallied against the book, "World History," earlier this month, claiming it favored Islam over other religions.

Opponents of the 10th grade book said the chapter covering the rise of Islam goes too far and should include an equal balance of Christianity.

"I think this book needs to be rewritten," said Keith Wilson. "I have read it and I've got reports from a Harvard Ph.D William Saxton listing all the inaccuracies. It's biased because there's 1200 percent more on Islam than there is Christianity."

But the school board says Christianity is covered in two chapters in the 6th grade and that the 10th grade book is approved by the state of Florida.

"I believe this has relatively nothing to do with truth and everything to do with bigotry and extreme paranoia," said Jack Wrightington, who supports the book being in the curriculum.

There appears to have been no consensus about what should be done with the book at Monday's meeting.

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