3 school board finalists traveling to Jacksonville

Final 3 candidates to answer questions from teachers, students, community leaders and public

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The list of candidates for Duval County School Board Superintendent has been narrowed down to three and they will all take questions at the School Board building Monday morning.

All three are traveling to Jacksonville Monday morning, to take questions from teachers, administrators, community leaders and students.

First there were nearly 50, but now there are only three candidates remaining for Duval County's School Superintendnt position.

Kriner Cash is the outgoing superintendent for Memphis City Public Schools. Nikolai Vitti is the chief academic officer in Miami-Dade and Dale Robbins is a former superintendent for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

All three will answer questions about they're qualifications for the job.

"The community members, principals, teachers and students are going to have an additional opportunity to talk which each of these three candidates, fill out a matrix that they'll then provide to the board," Jill Johnson with the Duval County Public Schools said.

There will be several meetings with the candidates over the next two days, some of them open to the public and others private.

Board members are looking for a candidate to increase academic achievement, support teachers and improve employee morale.

When the questioning is done and the results are passed on to the board, members will deliberate and make a decision.

"They have to come out with a decision certainly one way or the other," Johnson said. "They'll deliberate and talk about their next steps, whether that's hiring someone. There's a multitude of options, but the plan at this point obviously is to move forward by offering the position to one of those three candidates."

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