Boy safe after ride in stolen SUV

Police still looking for car thief

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police are looking for a man who stole an SUV from a Northside apartment complex on Friday night while a 9-year-old boy was lying in the back seat.

Kenneth Kimbaugh was released safe a short time later.  Police said it's possible that the suspect did not know the boy was in the vehicle when he stole it.

It happened at Kendall Court apartment complex off Lem Turner Road.  Ed Kimbaugh, the owner of the 1998 Lincoln Navigator, said he was picking up laundry at the complex laundromat when he discovered his vehicle and son were gone.

One of the Kenneth's older brothers took off running after the fleeing vehicle and found the boy, who had been forced out of the SUV along Lem Turner Road.

Kenneth was not hurt and is safely back with his family, but police are still searching for the suspect and the stolen vehicle.

"Never thought in a million years we would actually be face-to-face with something that we role played over, and I'm very proud of them. Very proud of them," said Kimbaugh.

Now the family is in need of clothes after 90 percent of their clothes were in the SUV that was stolen.

"Its very emotional for us; very heartbreaking that someone would watch us that way to do harm just for a joyride," said Kimbaugh.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers 866-845-TIPS.

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