City council passes Mandarin re-zoning plan

Project to bring 3 businesses to San Jose Blvd. at Oak Bluff Lane

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A controversial project that was discussed in Mandarin ON Monday night was decided on Tuesday during Jacksonville's City Council meeting. The city council voted 18-1 to continue with a project that will bring three new businesses into Mandarin at San Jose Boulevard and Oak Bluff Lane.

The new businesses that are anticipated to be built on San Jose Boulevard at Oak Bluff Lane are a Chick-fil-a restaurant, a Chase Bank and Polio Tropical. 

The project had previously received the okay from City Council committees, but was put back in front of the council Tuesday for a vote, an effort by those who opposed the new businesses to slow the process down. 

The vote Tuesday night decided that the project would continue as planned, but also made it so there are certain conditions the businesses have to follow. For example, the businesses there will only be allowed to accept deliveries between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., and if the businesses use a drive-through area, they will now need to be built on a certain side of the building. 

Residents were also concerned about traffic and safety in the area after the businesses are built. City Council voted for changes in the area Tuesday so that traffic does not become an issue on Oak Bluff Lane. 

No word yet on when construction for the project will begin.

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