Duval County Clerk warns of false emails

Clerk's Office primarily communicates through mail

By Crystal Moyer - Traffic/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Duval County Clerk of Courts is warning the public of a possible scam with false emails involving fake court notifications and content that might be harmful to computer software.

At least three people recently notified the Clerk's Office of emails they received from a sender claiming to be a court clerk in Duval County.

In the emails, the senders falsely informed the recipients that they are to  appear in court and directed the recipients to click on a link or an attachment.

In each case, the senders went by names that do not match up with any Clerk's Office employees.

The Clerk's Office does not send unsolicited notifications via email.

Correspondence from the Clerk's Office is done primarily through the mail.

"Take caution with these types of emails, slow down, give us a call," Clerk's Office spokesman Charlie Broward said. "We can confirm if you're supposed to be in court or on a court case, but certainly this is not something that we typically do."

So far, three people have received the emails, but all have contacted the Clerk's Office rather than fallen victim.

Anyone who receives a similar email should take caution, particularly when attachments or links are included.

The public can contact the Clerk's Office at 904-255-2000 to verify participation in a court case.

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