Fire destroys home: Family loses everything

By Matt Kinzig - Photojournalist

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A family says they're thankful to be alive after a fire destroyed their rental home early Thursday morning.

It happened on Myrtis and Gladwynne street. 

The only thing Barbara White says she has left is her baby.

"We had a little money saved up for Christmas, but it got burned up," White said. "My baby's clothes got burned. Some good samaritan brought him clothes awhile ago. We have nothing else."

White almost didn't survive the fire. Her brother who lives next door noticed the smoke and she got out in time.

"I see smoke going up. I went to the stove to see if it's on. But they're in their bedroom so I start banging. Then Robert reacted and got it. If he hadn't been there we would've never made it out," said James Hughlon.

White says she barely got out as flames brushed them while they ran from the home.

"When I was running out the door the flame hit me and the baby, but we made it out. Thank God," White said.

Despite their loss, the family is trying to stay thankful.

"My baby yes. That my baby made it out. I thank god that he's alive and nobody got hurt. This is worst thanksgiving of my life," White said.

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