Woman, 86, sleeps through SUV crashing into her bedroom

Betty Coker untouched when vehicle rams through Jacksonville Beach home

By Zachery Lashway - Reporter/anchor, Colette DuChanois - Web producer

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - An 86-year-old woman survived, without a scratch, when an SUV crashed through the wall of her bedroom inside a Jacksonville Beach home on Barbara Lane this weekend.

Not only was she not injured, Elizabeth "Betty" Coker said she slept through the entire crash that happened about 2 a.m. Saturday and jammed her bed up against the bedroom door.

"I had just been up 10-15 minutes earlier, going to the bathroom. I went back to sleep and evidently just passed out," Coker told News4Jax on Monday. "I didn't hear anything."

But Coker's daughter, Terri, and son-in-law, Mike Marcum, did. They were asleep in another part of the house when they were awakened by the crash and went to rescue their mother, who despite the impact, was still sleeping. 

"I was asleep," Coker said. "Mike came in there. He couldn’t get in through the door to get me out of the room. That’s all I remember. I didn’t wake up at all."

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She said she had to crawl through a hole to get out of the room because the impact of the crash jammed her bed up against the bedroom door.

"My head was right here," Coker showed News4Jax on Monday. "If I would have been on the other side, I probably would have gotten hurt really bad."

The bedroom was still a mess after the crash. Outside her bedroom wall, a fish tank was untouched, however, there was broken furniture everywhere and a piece of a table was found three blocks away. 

As of Monday, police were still searching for the driver of the SUV, which they said could potentially have front-end damage.

According to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, a dark-colored SUV was speeding down Sixth Street North when they believe the vehicle went airborne, went through a fence along Ninth Avenue behind Coker's home and then crashed into the house. Coker’s bedroom is located in the back of the house and faces Ninth Avenue North and Sixth Street North.  

Coker had a message for the driver who nearly killed her and never stopped.

"I just want to see you," she said. "Why don't you come see me?"

As for Coker, who will turn 87 in November, she's lucky to be alive.

"I thought I had a scrape on my chin -- but nothing," she said.

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