JSO following recent spike in crime in Arlington neighborhoods

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office sat down with Channel 4 Tuesday afternoon to discuss reports of high numbers of break-ins throughout the North Arlington area of Jacksonville.

Monday night, Channel 4 reported on 32 different break-ins happening in that section of Arlington during the last month. Many of those crimes happening in broad daylight. The Sheriff's Office said they are aware of the crime issues in Arlington.

"We have a Crime Analysis Unit that helps track patterns and trends," said Officer Shannon Hartley. "The supervisors within the zone are very aware and get information out to officers to be present in neighborhoods," said Hartley.

Hartley explained that when JSO gets reports of a string of crimes in a certain area, they step up patrols.

"It's a little bit of everything, just being aware of crime issues in your area or neighborhood, patrol officers are going to migrate to that area," said Hartley. "Certainly they're going to be more aware of the issues in the neighborhood."

Channel 4 Crime Analyst Ken Jefferson joined us on Monday during a visit to Arlington to find out more about the crime issues. One of the first homes we walked up on had open blinds. Jefferson said leaving the blinds open makes a home a target.

"And decide if we were thieves to come back and get what we want," said Jefferson.

The news of frequent break-ins to the area, wasn't news to the neighbors Channel 4 spoke with in Arlington. People like Rhonda Baez, who just moved into her home last week, had already heard of the break-ins.

"Well I don't like it," said Baez. "I don't like it, I have kids."

Baez wasn't happy to hear about the crime issues, so she has already taken action to protect her family.

"I have a security system, I got it installed yesterday," said Baez. "Because I have kids and I don't want my stuff stolen."

One neighbor living in the area, Ashley Maxfield, told Channel 4 she had tried to talk to who she thought was her neighborhood watch captain about the problems in the area, but that person claimed they weren't in charge or neighborhood watch.

Walking through the neighborhood, Jefferson pointed out a few mistakes homeowners in the area were making, like keeping the windows open.

"Sometimes we sleep with the windows open," said Jefferson. "Sometimes people have propensity and forget they have their windows open and because blinds are down and thieves go right in," said Jefferson.

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