Local man commends travel insurance

Jacksonville man hurt in Africa, says travel insurance saved him

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Some Channel 4 viewers may remember John Palumbo -- he used to do a segment for The Morning Show where he would give financial advice.
Well now Palumbo is giving some traveling advice.
While traveling in Africa, a pick pocketer took his things. When Palumbo chased after him, he tripped and broke both shoulders.

Palumbo is currently living in an assisted living facility. Although this has not been an easy situation to go thorough, he is staying positive and said he wants to encourage everyone to get travel insurance.

He said it saved him tens of thousands of dollars and it made this whole ordeal a lot easier.

"There will never be another bad day for me. There will never be another bad day. Not after this," Palumbo said. "This ranks right up there with traumatic experiences."

It's hard to have another bad day after someone has gone through what John Palumbo has -- being pick-pocketed in Africa and falling and breaking both shoulders while chasing after the thief.

Palumbo said he is so thankful he is going to make a full recovery but is even more thankful that he had travel insurance.

"Good lord. Thank goodness I got it," Palumbo said. "I don't even want to fathom the thought of what it would have taken to get home without it."

Palumbo said he travels a lot but says anyone who goes more than a few miles from home, even if it's just once a year, needs travel insurance.

"All you gotta do is look at me," Palumbo said. "I'm sitting here with two busted arms. I have zero capability of moving for the next month or two and I got home safe and sound because I had travelers insurance that got me here."

Tens of thousands of dollars is what Palumbo said he saved because of his travel insurance. He had a skilled nurse by his side within hours who took care of him throughout his whole trip home to Jacksonville.

"Even as weird as I look in all these braces, I still feel very good and I see the end at the light of the tunnel and I look forward to a full recovery," Palumbo said.

Palumbo said there are many different types of travel insurance so there is an option for any kind of traveler. He encourages everyone to look into it so they'll be protected in an emergency situation just like he was.

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