Residents frustrated with trash pickup

Residents waiting for new trash bins

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Residents who lives in the northern part of Duval County are frustrated with their garbage pickup.

They have to wait for new bins before their trash is collected. 

Anthony Martin said his trash has been sitting on the curb for 11 days and while it has been sitting there, it has been attracting flies.

"It sucks. It actually sucks a lot," said Martin.

The city's new contract requires anyone who lives in the Arlington or Oceanway area to get blue cans for trash pickup or the trash won't be taken away.

Many neighbors in the area are waiting to unload their garbage, but unless they get a blue can, their garbage won't be picked up.

Each home in the area is being given two new blue cans for free. After that, the cans will cost $65 each. 

But for Martin, the wait continues and the frustration over the trash sitting in front of his home mounts.

"We've made 12 phone calls. No luck. They just say they'll put you on the list," said Martin.

The city said there has been some delay because of Tropical Storm Beryl but that each home will eventually get their new cans.

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