Fla. justices uphold charter county term limits

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The Florida Supreme court says charter counties can have term limits for their elected officials.

The high court on Thursday unanimously receded from a 2002 ruling that struck down term limits for sheriffs, court clerks and other constitutional officers.

The new opinion also allows term limits for county commissioners in Florida's 20 charter counties.

Ten of those counties currently have term limits for commissioners.

The ruling came after the justices heard oral argument last month over term limits in Broward and Sarasota counties.

Other counties with term limits are Brevard, Clay, Duval, Hillsborough, Orange, Palm Beach, Polk and Volusia.

A term limit proposal is on the Nov. 6 ballot in Miami-Dade County.

The justices said their 2002 decision undermined counties' ability to govern themselves under constitutional home rule powers.

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