Florida moms toast first day of school with wine & doughnuts

#ByeFelicia: 'They've been pains in the butt since May lol. Why not celebrate?'

By Garrett Pelican - Digital executive producer
Shawna Genua/Wee Winks Photography

Photo: Shawna Genua/Wee Winks Photography

With a wave of emotional back-to-school posts littering our social media feeds this week, it’s safe to say most parents just can’t bear to see their children go.

But Shawna Genua is not most parents.

GALLERY - Florida moms celebrate first day of school with hilarious photos

On the first day of school, Genua and her girlfriends posted a photo of the party they threw to celebrate getting rid of the kids for a few hours. It shows them toasting the occasion in the driveway with a dozen doughnuts, plenty of wine to wash them down and a sign that says it all: "Bye Felicia."

"First day of school!!!! Whaaaaaaaat!!!! Some of you are sad," the Facebook post's caption says. "This is me and my girls. We will be juuuuuuust fine."

Since Monday's post, the Minneola mother and photographer has been bombarded with messages from local media and total strangers. She's just glad the photo of her friends' antics made people laugh.

"All I saw was everyone posting about how sad they were about the kids going back to school," she said. "They’ve been pains in the butt since May lol. Why not celebrate?? Not like they don’t come back at 3."

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