Floridians oppose longer legislative terms

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Floridians overwhelmingly oppose extending legislative term limits to 12 years, according to newly released results of the USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey.

Voters in 1992 approved a constitutional amendment that generally limits members of the Florida House and Senate to eight years, though some senators are allowed to serve 10 years.

Proposals have repeatedly surfaced in the Legislature to seek voter approval to extend term limits.

But the survey results released Tuesday by the University of South Florida show that 88 percent of Floridians oppose the idea of moving to 12-year term limits.

The USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey annually measures Floridians' opinions on a variety of issues.

This year's survey of 1,248 Floridians was conducted from Sept. 1 through Sept. 19 and has a margin of error of 2.77 percentage points.

News Service of Florida