Former Lt. Governor Carroll moving forward after scandal

Carroll also shares view on person who replaces her

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Suddenly out of office in Tallahassee, Clay County's Jennifer Carroll says she's moving forward in life.

The former Lt. Governor spoke with Kent Justice on Thursday and shared her passion for her new job and her view on what she wants to see in the person who replaces her.

It's been since the middle of March that Florida has gone without a Lt. Governor. Carroll said Gov. Rick Scott asked her to resign, and she did.

Carroll also said lots of people have asked her to work for them, and she decided to say yes. She's excited about the future.

"I am embracing this opportunity to, number one, make some money!" said Carroll. "And number two, make a difference."

Carroll sounded passionate about the role she'll take on with a company called Global Digital Solutions. When the company merges with Airtronic USA, she'll take over as Chief Operating Officer.

The company manufacturers small arms for military, things like rocket propelled grenades and machine guns.

"Also, where the U.S. typically gets these type of munitions, is from China and Russia," said Carroll. "So here's an opportunity to improve and enhance a U.S. grown business, and also bring those jobs to Florida for manufacturing."

Carroll said she's hopeful her replacement as Lt. Governor will be as passionate as she is, about defense jobs, space, and keeping Florida bases off the list, if the federal government returns to a base realignment and closure committee.

Carroll also said she's getting over the disappointment of leaving Tallahassee so abruptly.

"In retrospect, if I had a crystal ball to see how it played out, I would have done it differently," said Carroll. "I would have asked to see the Governor and talked to him face to face. But you can't bring back the past. But when one door closes, multiple opens, and that's what has happened to me."

Carroll left office moments after state investigators questioned her regarding the Allied Veterans of the World scandal. She was never accused of any wrongdoing.

When Channel 4's Kent Justice asked her Thursday, Carroll said she has not heard from the FDLE, since she resigned.

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