Make cash off your pictures with new app

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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Examples of pictures purchased off of the app Scoopshot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Wouldn't it be great if you could sell some of the pictures you take and post everyday. Well you guessed it, now there's an app for that. On Scoopshot, you can make more than minimum wage for just one picture.

Most of the pictures sell for around ten dollars a piece. To get started, you have to get the app, of course, then start looking for "tasks" from different companies, even news organizations. We will use Finnair as an example. The airline put out what's called a task through the app asking users to share the best part of their flight. As you see above, the pictures are fun, some are creative, but some are not even all that fancy. The airline bought a bunch for marketing purposes, paying around 14 bucks each. Tons of companies are doing this. Some paying even more. CEO Petri Rahja said, "We have a case in Finland where a local directory company is buying more than 150,000 photos. One guy has earned more than 20,000 dollars out of that task by submitting more than 1,000 photos."

Thousands around the globe are already using the app but it's just now catching on in the US. And it's not just fulfilling the tasks from companies that will make you money.  Rahja said, "So let's say that you are witnessing another plane landing in the Hudson River. You take that photo and you send it to scoop shot and you can sell it to thousand media companies around the world publishing the news story."

The Scoopshot app is free for users. Advertisers and news organizations pay a monthly subscription fee. If you try this, check the app often for new tasks as they usually fill up fast.

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