Motor vehicle fees set to roll back

Fees rolled back to 2009 prices

By Chris Parenteau - Reporter
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Monday, a bill that passed  in April will go into effect. Vehicle registration fees are going down.The fees are being rolled back to the levels they were at before being increased in 2009.

A lot of drivers say that it is long overdue and never should have been increased. Drivers at the tax collectors office Friday say they knew about the fees rolling back, but they didn't want to take the chance of driving around with an expired tag just to save a few dollars.

"It would be nice to save $10, but you can't be late on it," said Jennifer Green.

For small cars, fees will be going down by $5, for mid-size cars the drop is $8, and for large cars, the fees will be going down by $11.50.

"I can do a lot with $10, that could fill up my tank," said Ronnie Morrel.

 Morrel was trying to get his registration renewed early, but once he learned about the savings, he says that he may just hold off for a few days, since it isn't expired yet.

"I'm gonna check that deal out. I'm on a fixed income, so money is limited. I will take any dime I can get," said Morrel.

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