Farmers prepare for cold weather in Florida

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - As we warm up from one cold snap, The Weather Authority says temperatures will dip at least 10 degree colder -- lows perhaps in the teens -- by Tuesday morning.

Area farmers are doing all they can do right now to protect animals and plants.
Bill DiStanisola, who owns of NaVera Farms in Nassau County, has already taken measures for tonight's weather and for next week's brutal temperatures.

"My farm is a holistic, organic farm. And we focus on the animals, the care of the animals," said DiStanisola.

This is especially important during a hard freeze expected by Tuesday.

He's already busy trying to keep all 240 animals warm. everything from goats to  cows to chickens.

The animals will be OK because DiStanisola says each animal house will have temperature-controlled heat lamps.

"If it hits the teens, we'll take a cord and take it this way to Henny Penny's house. That will protect the turkey and all of her colleagues in there," said DiStanisola.

DiStanisola also says each house is positioned to block cold winds from the north. If the wind is expected to shift, he says he'll use plywood, heavy duty plastic or a tarp to protect his animals.

DiStanisola says he has about four helpers who assist him in making sure the animals are warm each night.

DiStanisola also has cabbage and lettuce. He plans to use a tarp to cover them tonight, too, and when the temperatures drop even lower next week.

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