Storms cause damage to a home in Callahan

By Heather Leigh - Reporter, Kristin Cason - Assignment editor

CALLAHAN, Fla. - Strong winds from the storms on Sunday caused two massive oak trees to uproot. One tree fell into a person's home and the other fell into that person's backyard.

Wes Jones lives in Callahan on Lem Turner Road and was affected by Sunday's storm. He was on his patio just feet away from where the tree smashed into the corner of the house.

His wife, Lesley Jones said that they were in the process of removing some of the trees. They were shocked when two huge oak trees fell into their house before they could get some of them down.

"It's nice that we got another big tree down, but its not exactly how you want it to come down. " The biggest thing is to getting this tree off the house and getting it covered, so if we get more rain tonight it doesn't pour into the house, and then get the repairs done and that's all we can do," said Lesley and Wes Jones.

The couple said they plan on taking more trees down, but in a safer manner.

Repairs to their house will cost about $30,000. They said that it could even be more after they get into their barns and find out what damage was done there.

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