New party apps that hosts will love

By Nikki Kimbleton - The Morning Show anchor
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A look at the home page of the party app, "Cocktail Flow."

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There are lots of reasons for celebrating in the summer, but hosting a party can be overwhelming. Why stress when there are apps that Consumer Reports says will help you get organized and throw the perfect bash.
     Music, food and drinks are three things that make any party great and these apps will help you make sure you hit a home run with each.
     Let's start with drinks.
     The app "Cocktail Flow" allows you to select the spirits you have on hand, then tells you what drinks you can make with easy recipes and pictures.
     It's available on Android, Apple and Windows.
     For music, "Party D-J" let's your guests pick the music.
     It's a crowd source playslist and the best part is that guests can vote songs up or down while they're at the party to make them play sooner.
     This is available on Apple only and costs 3 dollars."
     "Pepperplate" helps you create menus and recipes nd the best part, it sets up a schedule for you so everything will be ready on time. Available on Android, Apple, Kindle, Nook and Windows
     Finally, the app "Wedding Party."
     With this app, you can send out wedding invitations, registry info and other details.
     With all of the wedding apps out there this one is a favorite for Consumer Reports. It's available on Android and Apple.  

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