Pensacola, family at odds over pot-bellied pig

Pig violates city's livestock ban

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PENSACOLA, Fla. - The Kirkmans of Pensacola are facing a deadline in deciding what to do about their pet pot-bellied pig named Buttercup.
The pig is in violation of the city of Pensacola's ordinance banning "livestock" within city limits. They've given the family until May to move, get rid of Buttercup or convince the city council to change the ordinance.
David Kirkman, his wife Laura and 9-year-old Molly and 7-year-old Butch say Buttercup isn't livestock. They say she's a pet they've raised since she was 5 weeks old.
The Pensacola News Journal reports the code enforcement board cited the family in December after receiving an anonymous tip that they were keeping a pig on their property.
Council member Sherri Myers is taking up the cause. She thinks the ordinance is outdated.

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