Satsuma family says neighbor's dog killed 2 other dogs in same yard

Tami & Samantha Graham witness 'heartbreaking' attacks

By Erik Avanier - Reporter

SATSUMA, Fla. - Members of a Satsuma family said they heard and witnessed Wednesday afternoon a neighbor's dog attacking other dogs it shared a yard with, killing two of the dogs.

Tami Graham told News4Jax that just before 1 p.m. Wednesday, she and her family heard the sound of an animal in distress in her neighbor’s backyard. She said one of the nine dogs in her neighbor's yard was untethered and killed two tethered dogs before going after a third dog in the yard.

Warning: Some may find the audio in the video above and the details in this story disturbing.

“We come out here and the one dog was attacking the other dog, killed that one, then moved on to the other dog in a cage," she said.

Tami Graham recorded video of the second attack. She said she and her daughter threw various items at the attacking dog to get its attention and even used a water hose on the animal, but they could not get the dog to stop. 

"That dog was not budging," Tami Graham said. "I felt terrible because I'm an animal lover."

Still from video recorded by Tami Graham

Tami Graham and her daughter, Samantha Graham, said the dog attacked a third dog in the yard, but couldn’t kill it.

“It was heartbreaking. There were no words to describe it at the time," Samantha Graham said. "These dogs are literally attacking each other when they get the chance to.”

They said it wasn't the first time their family has dealt with their neighbor's dogs. They said three years ago, one of the dogs jumped their fence and mauled their pet raccoon, Ricky Bobby, while the animal was still in her cage.

“The cage wasn’t even open," Samantha Graham recounted. 

After the fatal raccoon attack, the family put up an extra barrier to keep the dogs from gaining access to the backyard. But, even with the extra barrier, the family still doesn't feel safe. 

“My child’s only 3," Samantha Graham said. "I worry every day he’s out here, these dogs will either pull him through the fence or jump the fence."

Tami and Samantha Graham called 911 to report their neighbor's dog being violent toward the other dog Wednesday afternoon, but it was too late by the time animal control and a Putnam County Sheriff's Office deputy eventually arrived.

Prior to Wednesday afternoon, there were nine dogs in that yard. Now there are six. Animal control removed the two dogs that were killed and the attacking dog, because it was injured after the neighbors said it went after the third dog, which fought back. 

The dog’s owner was not at home, so animal control left a notice on his front gate. News4Jax was unable to talk to the dog's owner because there were still dogs on the property that did not appear to be tethered. 

News4Jax contacted the Sheriff's Office, but had not heard back as of Wednesday evening. 

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